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greenscreen stage nyc

Digital Arts is a complete end-to-end production, finishing and audio facility for television and feature film in the heart of New York City. Located 3 blocks away from Penn Station in midtown Manhattan, Digital Arts houses a comfortable, spacious facility that focuses on the latest standards in digital cinematography. 

Set on our private 4,000 square foot production floor, the stage provides a 2 wall cyc, and has a soundproof AC and acoustical treatment. It is often used for interviews and small effects-driven shoots. The 16×21 Cyc comes green (which can be painted white). It includes an extensive lighting and grip package, in order to provide a cost effective solution necessitating a minimal crew.
The stage is home to production companies, advertising agencies, indie filmmakers, music video professionals, design houses, web and media companies.  Stage Clients

Digital Arts also produces shoots, complete with crews, editorial, audio and image finishing all the way through delivery.

  • 16×21’2 Wall Corner CYC
  • Comfortable Green room
  • Sound-Proofed Stage
  • Kitchenette
  • WiFi
  • Prelit Grid With Daylight Kinos
  • Make Up & Dressing Room